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Nipple Jewelry Expert Advice

Back Belly Chains

Hi, Lisa here with

Today I am going to talk to you about belly back chains.

Today we’re just showing you this belly back chain.

I’m gonna demo how to wear it and what it looks like.

Isn’t that pretty? It has a pretty little dangle.

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Belly Piercing Jewelry Wearing Showing Off

Hi, I’m Brook from

Although we mostly carry non piercing jewelry, we do have some belly nipple and tongue piercing jewelry

I'm actually wearing one of the pieces now.

It’s the dream catcher dangle belly jewelry. So sexy and shows off those of you who want to catch all their dreams. And here is the chandelier.

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Bindi Crystal Tattoos How To Wear

Hi, Brooke here from

Crystal bindis are super sexy and super attractive and I wanted to show you briefly how to apply your sexy bindi tattoos

Step number 1 is to carefully remove your new bindi from the package. You want to be careful that once you get to the bindi, you want to make sure you don’t rip it apart or break it in anyway.

Be very gentle you can use your fingernails or you can use tweezers to take it of the paper.

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Crystal Bindis

Hi, Lisa here with

Today we’re gonna show you how to apply and wear your Bindi from

Today we’re going to show you three different bindis that I have. They are gorgeous. Today I’m going to pick this one. I'm gonna show you how to apply it.

First, if you want to, you can use a pair tweezers. Just be careful not to be too rough because damage the bindi and the little jewels that are on it.

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Nipple Shields Non Piercing Jewelry How To

Hi, Brooke here from

Today we are going to share our sexy Flower Petals Shaped non piercing nipple shields. That’s a mouthful!

These are the best non piercing nipple jewelry for women with larger nipples. Why? Because they are the most pliable and bendable where they should not break or lose their shape. Within reason of course. We highly recommend these shields for a pleasurable experience.

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Non Piercing Nipple Dangle Jewelry & HowTo Wear

Brooke here from

Our non piercing nipple dangles is jewelry is both attractive and sexually arousing when worn. The nipple rings hoop slides around the nipple keeping you aroused all the time!

When you wear this non-piercing nipple dangle jewelry, every time you move, people will hear you coming!

Push your desires to new height and try this jewelry out. They make for an incredibly sexy look and feel.

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Temp Tattoos How To Apply From

Hi, Brooke from

Today we are going to share with you our temporary tattoos and how to apply them appropriately.

Here I got a skill and rose tattoo that I am going to apply.

The other tool I have here is a wet paper towel.

Now, when getting ready to apply, make sure you cut around the edges.

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Video For Girls With Belly Rings How To Put It In


Today I wanted to show you how to use the belly button jewelry that you can get.  First thing I like to do with every piece of jewelry that I ever get, is if it's going to go inside my body I want to make sure I wash it before I put it in there.

People touch them and if they been in display then fingerprints been on them and things like that.

So you want to make sure you use a mild antibacterial soap.

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