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Cuckold Jewelry Necklace[NKCUCK01]


Cuckold Jewelry Necklace

Cuckold lifestyle is becoming more and more popular amongst people these days, probably due to the desire to fill in new colors in a monotonous sex life. All over the internet you can read stories about the husband's intense desire of seeing his wife with other men. The wives are also fulfilling these fantasies also. These husbands want their wives to play around. When the wife does this, and the husband knows but is not included, its called cuckold or cuckolding the husband.

The husband may even approach a number of his friends and colleagues who positively react to his proposal. The wife waits expectantly almost every weekend to see other men that her husband would bring in. Even the husband is too excited for a threesome and craves for the fantasies that he has in mind.

The Cuckold Lifestyle is the manifestation of the saying,"If you cannot fight them, join them" the context being the extramarital relationships.

Here is where our sexy cuckold jewelry comes in. And notice in the pictures the work "Cuckold" is in a nice "Edward Script" for the font. Very nice for him, if you know what we mean!

The word "Cuckold" is engraved on a rectangle horizontal small sterling silver pendant measuring about 16-mm high by 20-mm wide. It is attached to an 18" sterling silver necklace.

Cuckold Jewelry Necklace So who wears this sexy Cuckold Jewelry Necklace? A submissive husband with a wife who takes on alpha-male lovers whereby the wife's sexual pleasures become the husband's vicarious sexual pleasures and experiences. He also develops sexual feelings as his imagination ran wild with sexual thoughts during the preparation of drinks for his wife and her new lover. He is a husband or boyfriend whose chooses her lovers or lets her chose her own.

Remember, he and his spouse or girlfriend adores one another, but she chose to maintain independence and have lovers. He was a cuckold and she is a hotwife.

Enjoy the jewelry boys!

NKCUCK01 - Cuckold Engraved Necklace

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