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Nipple Jewelry for Valentine

January 10th, 2014

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If you don’t have your v-card to give to that special someone for Valentine’s Day, you should fear not. You can still provide your partner with a lotof excitement through other means. Those other means should consist of non-piercing nipple rings. These can provide plenty of playtimes, along with other non-piercing body jewelry. How can you celebrate such a day of passionate love without a little intensive fun? This kind of fun passes anything you may have done before!

Imagine how much thought your partner is going to put into planning for February the 14th. He’s trying to get a reservation at somewhere nice to eat, in or out of town. He’s getting as creative as possible to come up with anything other than doing just the boring dinner and a movie again. Shouldn’t some of his effort be rewarded?

At the end of the evening, picture your partner slowly seducing and undressing you after a romantic night out at a private wine bar (if that’s your thing). He’s unbuttoning your pants or skirt and slowly lifting up your blouse. He finally makes his way to your bra and wraps his arms around your back. You feel the warmth of his large hands and then feel a little tug. The bra is off.

“Holy crap Bat-Girl,” he says…noticing that your nipples are “pierced.” Don’t tell him the secret. Just say “Happy Valentine’s Day.”

Guys, you can also add nipple rings to your list of giving that day. Maybe this should be the first gift of the day. Who knows! You might talk her into wearing them all day long, and texting your or calling you thought out the day with how they feel. What a buildup. But what kind of body jewelry you might be thinking?

Reward your partner by spicing up your evening in a big way. With non-piercing nipple rings from, you’ll drive your significant other crazy once they notices what’s hidden. Okay, it’s fine to tell him/her that they aren’t actually pierced. But if you play along with it for just the night, they will go wild. Role playing is one of those things that you won’t even realize you love until you just try. Isn’t that what using non-piercing body jewelry is all about? You and your partner can have the thrill of wearing nipple rings without having the body actually pierced.

A few months from now you can look back on Valentine’s Day and ask your man “Remember when you thought my nipples were

What’s also funny is that you’ll still want to wear them much more than once. There’s no pain involved in wearing them, and it’s all kinky fun and games for the both of you. Surprise him more than once and you will be surprised at the fun you can both have.

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