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August 13th, 2013

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Toe rings have been discovered by archaeologists on two Egyptian skeletons that are at the very least, 3,3000 years old.  Each mummy was buried with copper-alloy toe rings, the very first time that any Jewelry of this type has been seen in ancient Northeastern Africa.

Fashion, medical or mystical reasons is being debated now on when and when these toe rings were worn. Were they worn while the people were alive or after dead? Were they worn because there was some medical reason, as we know today wearing copper relieves some types of pain? Was there a mystical or magical reason?

On the mummy that has an injured foot, the toe rings was on the bad foot insinuating that maybe, not positive, that it was supposed to help with some kind of healing!

A second mummy has rings on both feet though there was no apparent aliment. One was a man.

Sexy today represent adornments that women love to wear, and men love to see women wear. They delicate jewelry rings make toes, painted or not, stand out. And if a woman is wearing strappy stilettos, toe rings the sexy toe ring really stands out. So hot!

So, toe rings have been around since ancient times. From Africa to India to the west these jewelry objects have been around and used in various different ways are reasons.

Toe rings can be made from stone, plastic, gold, silver, alloy or almost anything sturdy.  If the wearer is allergic to anything, you should not wear any toe rings made of that material.  And which toe and which foot is an open discussion. Some say the second or middle toe, others say any toe or all toes if the wearer wants to.  Some say only the right foot; others say either foot.  Most women thought wear on the second toe of the left foot.  Some wear rings on the second toe of both feet.

In India for example, sexy toe rings is more a symbol and a status for married, Hindu women. Also, many Indian women ware toe rings in pairs where western women wear only one, on only one foot.

Some of the more modern Hindi brides use more fashionable and safer material, wearing the rings on the three middle toes of each foot.

In the West, there is little or no reason for wearing sexy toe rings. These are only considered as a fashion statement, no more and no less. Some people do thing that swingers wear anklets and toe rings on certain ankles and toes but many in that alternative lifestyle give no real credence to that opinion.

Can Men Wear Sexy Toe Rings?

Sure they can yet, most Toe rings are designed for women, to be worn by women and most of these rings are the accruements for the feet of all sexy women!