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Nipple Shields Chandelier

September 5th, 2013

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Nipple Shields Chandelier often raises sexy attention to the viewer especially to the wearer. Here are a few answers to some questions we sometime receive at These are just our opinions but we have lots of experience at this. So here goes…
One question we often are asked is can someone actually see the jewelry through my blouse? Should I wear a bra or not when I wear my nipple shields chandelier jewelry? I would suggest wearing a bra until you are comfortable with the jewelry. Then wear your blouse tucked in just in case they fall off. Once you are used to having them attached to your nipple, then you can go braless and wear short, cropped shirts.
As for seeing the jewelry through your top, if the top is tight and sheet, you will be able to see an outline. Some sexy music stars have been seen wearing sheer tops and their nipple jewelry showing through. It is soooo sexy! If you wear a padded bra, nothing will show. If the bra is very sheer, you might. Do whatever your partner wants to see. Sometimes it is their visual turn-on that makes all the difference.

Nipple Shape Not Symmetrical

For nipples that are not the size of pencil erasers or stick out for allow metal to be attached, there are other ways to enhance the nipple. There are things like temporary crystal tattoos like bindis. But remember, for nipples that are sized differently from each other, there are still nipple chandeliers or embracers that can look sexy and have a hot look about them.
Smaller breast actually tend to wear jewelry better, as it does not get caught in other types of fabrics. Some smaller breast can hold the jewelry differently allowing the wearer different looks with the same items.

Nipple Hardness and Erection

Unlike with piercing jewelry, non piercing Nipple Shields Chandelier will keep you harder and more erect because with many of this type, you can apply more or less pressure around the nipple. If you choose the rubber hoop attachments, you can make some smaller nipples stand at attention even more often and more pronounced.


Are you thinking of breastfeeding or are you breastfeeding now? No worries. Piercing jewelry can cause issues with your milk ducts and also can get in the way of the baby’s feeding. You will have to remove most piercing jewelry. Non piercing Nipple Shields Chandelier is the better option here. These are not permanent and therefore will cause no real issues with breastfeeding.
Remember, non piercing nipple jewelry from ALWAYS makes the wearer feel sexy and the viewer of the jewelry very turned on, no matter who you are! – Is The Leader In Design Of Non Piercing Nipple Jewelry.