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August 29th, 2013

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specifically, often raises eyebrows and a few smirks. Also there are the questions. There are all kinds of questions. For example, are they safe to wear or will they set off metal detectors at airports? I want to try and tackle some of these in a series of articles that we will publish here at

Pentagram Nipple Ring

For example, pentagram nipple jewelry non-piercing is fun to wear. While piercing jewelry gives some women shyness about presenting their nipples to a stranger to insert the jewelry, it’s normal to have those feelings. But with non piercing jewelry, there is no presenting you nakedness to anyone other than your partner… unless you want to.
Any Pain?
Even though some people say that piercing skin is not really bad, it all depends on the person. Wearing non piercing pentagram nipple jewelry takes out of the equation any idea of pain. This jewelry usually just sits around the nipple or uses some type of rubber banding to attach the nipple. Remember, no pain, lots of sexy gain!
Endorphins still kick in when you use nipple jewelry at any time. The endorphins travel through your body and give you that sexy response wearing. This will help you get over any fear you might have, even from slight pressure that nipple jewelry embracers can provide.
Piercing can feel like torture. It can stay painful, for more than just moment. It can last a while. And not that people might like a little torture, prolonged pain from the piercing can be bad. MyWickedJewelry.comjewelry does not prolong any pain, unless that is what you want!

What about Metal Detectors?
Nipple Jewelry Embracers
Today metal detectors are very sensitive. They seek to detect hazardous items; guns, knives, weapons of all kinds, explosive devices and the like. To find these things, there are settings to pick these out on people. Most airports set their detectors to not pick up nipple shields or any kind of body jewelry. They are looking for larger pieces of metals.
They also worry about false alarms. pentagram nipple jewelry is not the kind of items that people running metal detectors want to have happen. Can one imagine what it would be like of small items like pens or keys for change would set off alarms; or if a gold or silver necklace would trip the sirens? Setting low sensitivity is the way around all of this trouble. – Is The Leader In Design Of Non Piercing Nipple Jewelry.