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Sexy Black Raging Tribal Nipple Jewelry

January 3rd, 2016

Black Raging Tribal Non Piercing Nipple Jewelry Ring

nipple jewelry or body ornaments



Christmas gifts of nipple rings

October 23rd, 2015

Christmas gifts of nipple rings         

nipple jewelry or body ornaments

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One of the great things about our culture in the 21st century is that more and more women are finding the confidence and enthusiasm for expressing exactly who they are. And a big part of that is in expressing sensuality and sexuality, especially during Christmas.

Take a look around. Christmas is nearby, heels are back in style, and women love the chance to feel sexy and be sexy. And when a woman has that confidence to carry herself that way, she also loves the idea of accessories that enhance her look – and even touch on those naughty desires boiling deep inside her.

Nipple jewelry is something that allows a woman to explore her individuality, from the simplest bangle to all those hot and sexy things you can’t see. This is one of the major reasons why offering a friend or a loved one a nipple ring as a Christmas gift will be highly appreciated by the recipient.

Piercing is not something for everyone, and depending on which body part you will likely adorn, healing time could be anywhere from a couple weeks to several weeks. And this is why something sexy including non-piercing nipple jewelry is a superb choice for keeping the feeling of Christmas in existence.

One of the hottest trends in body jewelry, non-piercing nipple jewelry allows women the chance to be a little mysterious while not having to make the leap to full-time body jewelry. Add to that the flexibility in styles and designs, and non-piercing jewelry becomes an accessory which can be continually updated as well as customized.

Nipple jewelry can also be an affordable option with more variety. The wearer can alternate on the simplest of nipple rings, right up in order to ornate nipple dangles. Whenever worn with crashing necklines, these chains develop a visual tease most men are not able to fight! What a good idea to enhance some sort of night out with someone special and boost the anticipation for many hours of romance.

And as some nipple jewelry are non-piercing, they tweak this nipple enough to make a very eye-catching appearance under a decent T-shirt – hinting in order to anyone riveted on the sight that the wearer could be feeling a bit flirtatious, a bit sexy and extremely comfortable with the woman’s self. Nipple rings could also set her personal body on advantage, as most females have very hypersensitive nipples; and many say that the right among of teasing sends delicious little “electric” charges throughout all of those other body.

So, so how exactly does it work? Effectively, the new production available for this nipple ring works on the rubber hoop to hold on to the nipple charm constantly in place. No pain, but just the right amount of pressure and keep the jewelry constantly in place for a sexy night out, or a day at work. The more luxuriant nipple shields slip over the nipple, and by using a very slight volume of pressure from this surgical steel cut, are held on the nipple.

Choose from non-piercing nipple rings, clip on nipple rings, shiny metallic defends, teasing drop dangle jewelry and jewelry in addition to silver and amazingly.

After that, all of those other experience is in her hands… In addition to her man’s imagination!

What terms do you know about nipple jewelry or body ornaments?

April 30th, 2015

What terms do you know about nipple jewelry or body ornaments?  

Using the right terminology goes a long way.  Know the difference between straight barbells used for “tongue rings”; curved barbells for all “belly rings

Non Piercing Jewelry

Non Piercing Jewelry

and captive rings for “vagina jewelry.” The more you know the more confident you will be buying piercing or non piercing body jewelry.

nipple jewelry or body ornaments

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Jewelry Non Piercing – The One which you can adjust for your comfort

January 29th, 2015
Non Piercing Jewelry

Non Piercing Jewelry

Jewelry Non Piercing – The One which you can adjust for your comfort – Non piercing jewelry is much safer, with wide array of varieties to choose from than jewelry used in piercings. There is no longer any fear of anything wrong. All the same, not all of us are up for the body piercing plunge and some may not even be old enough for a body piercing. Non-piercing jewelry could be the best alternative for you when you are thinking for an awesome piercing.

This might just be the buy_nowone for those who are not ready for piercings! Earlier piercings and tattoos were used to decorate the body canvas to enhance attractiveness or draw attention to someone. Non piercing can be a healthy and a smarter choice, instead of it getting the body pierced. Yes that’s an even better option instead of having a hole put through your skin and all the problems that it brings. With non-pierced jewelry you can also get the pierced look without the pain of the real deal.

“Exactly the best part is that you don’t have to go through the whole piercing ritual. With this it’s still possible to get the same look without the pain and not worrying about the cleaning,-and maintaining a fresh spot on the body.”- One of our customers!

Now you can use your new piece of jewelry with the same design or a customized one with confidence. This will look the real piercing with you having to hurting yourself anymore. Just think a sexy look with doing any work!

If you want to take it out for a moment you can do that as well. Moreover they are a synch to get on, easy to use,-and come in all sorts of shapes and designs.

Benefits of using non piercing jewelry:

  • No Risk of Infection & Disease Transmission
  • No chances of feeling trauma to your body parts
  • Use according to your comfort.

So New Years has just stepped in,-and do you have the right jewelry to top it all over?  Try out a new piece of non piercing body jewelry which won’t disappoint you at all. What are you waiting for? Reward your partner by spicing up your evening by presenting her with non-piercing rings from

Non Pierced Fake Nipple Jewelry

June 28th, 2014

Fake Nipple Jewelry

Non Pierced Fake Nipple Jewelry

Any woman can wear any of our non piercing nipple jewelry. Non piercing nipple jewelry will fit almost any nipple size (except inverted nipples) because they can be adjusted for your comfort. Non-Piercing (or Fake) Nipple Jewelry is like having little, sexy, delicate fingers massaging the base of the nipple.

Make a statement with our range of non-piercing nipple jewelry. This jewelry can be used without piercing or pierced nipples and look fantastic. They can also be worn behind your existing piercing nipple jewelry. Additionally, our non-piercing nipple rings includes the elegant nipple rings that fit around the nipple instead of through it. Fake nipple jewelry is also a great way to experiment with the look of jewelry without committing to a nipple piercing – if you decide to get your nipples pierced at a later date, we have an excellent variety of non-piercing nipple jewelry. Please check us out at

Nipple Piercing Jewelry is designed to clip onto the nipple instead of having a hole put through you skin. And all the problems that can come with that! You can simply slide the hoops of the jewelry over your nipple and wear them temporarily, or all the time! Have an extra pair with your in case you want to have a different look later in the night!

Any woman can wear any of our non piercing nipple jewelry. Non piercing nipple jewelry will fit almost any nipple size (except inverted nipples) because they can be adjusted for your comfort.

Nipple Jewelry for Valentine

January 10th, 2014

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If you don’t have your v-card to give to that special someone for Valentine’s Day, you should fear not. You can still provide your partner with a lotof excitement through other means. Those other means should consist of non-piercing nipple rings. These can provide plenty of playtimes, along with other non-piercing body jewelry. How can you celebrate such a day of passionate love without a little intensive fun? This kind of fun passes anything you may have done before!

Imagine how much thought your partner is going to put into planning for February the 14th. He’s trying to get a reservation at somewhere nice to eat, in or out of town. He’s getting as creative as possible to come up with anything other than doing just the boring dinner and a movie again. Shouldn’t some of his effort be rewarded?

At the end of the evening, picture your partner slowly seducing and undressing you after a romantic night out at a private wine bar (if that’s your thing). He’s unbuttoning your pants or skirt and slowly lifting up your blouse. He finally makes his way to your bra and wraps his arms around your back. You feel the warmth of his large hands and then feel a little tug. The bra is off.

“Holy crap Bat-Girl,” he says…noticing that your nipples are “pierced.” Don’t tell him the secret. Just say “Happy Valentine’s Day.”

Guys, you can also add nipple rings to your list of giving that day. Maybe this should be the first gift of the day. Who knows! You might talk her into wearing them all day long, and texting your or calling you thought out the day with how they feel. What a buildup. But what kind of body jewelry you might be thinking?

Reward your partner by spicing up your evening in a big way. With non-piercing nipple rings from, you’ll drive your significant other crazy once they notices what’s hidden. Okay, it’s fine to tell him/her that they aren’t actually pierced. But if you play along with it for just the night, they will go wild. Role playing is one of those things that you won’t even realize you love until you just try. Isn’t that what using non-piercing body jewelry is all about? You and your partner can have the thrill of wearing nipple rings without having the body actually pierced.

A few months from now you can look back on Valentine’s Day and ask your man “Remember when you thought my nipples were

What’s also funny is that you’ll still want to wear them much more than once. There’s no pain involved in wearing them, and it’s all kinky fun and games for the both of you. Surprise him more than once and you will be surprised at the fun you can both have.

Fulfill all of your fantasies with beautiful and classic nipple jewelry from

Nipple Jewelry Accessories

November 16th, 2013

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When selecting accessories, careful thought usually goes into the design, size and pattern. Women will spend long periods of time holding up earrings in the mirror, sifting through their makeup for just the right shade, or combing their closet for a great outfit before an important date. When it comes to body jewelry, however, many wearers don’t realize how many options they have at their fingertips, stunting their style with plain bars, studs or rings that lack the personal touch of their other accessories.

Putting the Spark in Sparkle

In addition to embedded gems and rhinestones, some Nipple Jewelry and body jewelry designs use dangling faceted beads to embellish their basic shape. These facets seem to twinkle and sparkle as the wearer moves, and are generally so lightweight they feel no different than a piece without the same dangles attached. Whether they’re clear as diamonds or colored in beautiful jewel tones, gem body jewelry is a wonderful way to upgrade your adult jewelry collection.

Ring Their Bell 

Tiny split bells are a popular addition to dangle nipple rings and adult body jewelry. As their special shapes gently bounce off of one another, a soft, sweet chime accompanies each step of the wearer. The effect is more audible without clothes on, of course, so with a little body language, an erotic strip dance for a lover can come with its own music!

Sassy Expressions

Much like earrings or pendants, adult body jewelry like nipple rings can be used to make a statement about personality. Whether its tongue-in-cheek charms like handcuffs or belly chains and anklets that spell out your desires letter by letter or flashing these naughty jewelry designs will break the ice – and maybe a few inhibitions in the process. Already enjoying the affections of a special someone? Grown-up-rated body jewelry can also be used to celebrate a special sexual bond between you – it can be your little secret!

Conceal – or Reveal

Speaking of secrets, Nipple Jewelry can be as discreet or obvious as your desires dictate. Low-profile nipple shields and non-piercing nipple rings stay close to the skin beneath your bra, while more elaborate non-piercing nipple jewelry with dangles or 3-D effects will make a tantalizing shape beneath thin blouses or bras. Collecting a few favorite designs will give you the option to be as bold as you want to when you’re “dressing up” underneath your clothes, so don’t limit yourself to the basics.

Curious about your options in decorative body jewelry? sexy jewelry we have to offer.

Nipple Jewelry

October 25th, 2013

Buy Now Non Piercing are intimate rings and My Wicked Jewelry that are non-piercing & are one of our beautiful and luxurious breast decorations. These adornments will give you that supreme confidence which will help you radiate sex appeal.

Choose from non-piercing nipple rings, clip on nipple rings, shiny metallic shields, teasing drop dangle jewelry and jewels, breast embracers as well as silver and crystal choices. We have a fantastic range of non-piercing, comfortable nipple rings, nipple shields as well as a huge collection of other body decoration too.

We are proud to stock the largest selection of lowest priced Nipple Jewelry in the US. Contact us if you have any questions and enjoy shopping for your sexy nipple decorations at

NEW Non Piercing Nipple Rings that look like pierced rings but use rubber to wrap the metal jewelry around the nipples! Very comfortable and so sexy! Check them out. These are going fast!


Maximize your femininity by flaunting those womanly assets with the very best in low priced Nipple Jewelry from MyWicked Jewelry Treat her to a touch of raunchy naughtiness by surprising her with a Nipple Jewelry gift.

Nipple Jewelry and Body Decorations from are the perfect treat for her or gift for a special occasion. We are proud to offer 100% non-invasive styles with a choice of non-piercing. Our hoops are completely adjustable to fit your size and tension preferences.

Pentagram Nipple Jewelry

August 29th, 2013

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specifically, often raises eyebrows and a few smirks. Also there are the questions. There are all kinds of questions. For example, are they safe to wear or will they set off metal detectors at airports? I want to try and tackle some of these in a series of articles that we will publish here at

Pentagram Nipple Ring

For example, pentagram nipple jewelry non-piercing is fun to wear. While piercing jewelry gives some women shyness about presenting their nipples to a stranger to insert the jewelry, it’s normal to have those feelings. But with non piercing jewelry, there is no presenting you nakedness to anyone other than your partner… unless you want to.
Any Pain?
Even though some people say that piercing skin is not really bad, it all depends on the person. Wearing non piercing pentagram nipple jewelry takes out of the equation any idea of pain. This jewelry usually just sits around the nipple or uses some type of rubber banding to attach the nipple. Remember, no pain, lots of sexy gain!
Endorphins still kick in when you use nipple jewelry at any time. The endorphins travel through your body and give you that sexy response wearing. This will help you get over any fear you might have, even from slight pressure that nipple jewelry embracers can provide.
Piercing can feel like torture. It can stay painful, for more than just moment. It can last a while. And not that people might like a little torture, prolonged pain from the piercing can be bad. MyWickedJewelry.comjewelry does not prolong any pain, unless that is what you want!

What about Metal Detectors?
Nipple Jewelry Embracers
Today metal detectors are very sensitive. They seek to detect hazardous items; guns, knives, weapons of all kinds, explosive devices and the like. To find these things, there are settings to pick these out on people. Most airports set their detectors to not pick up nipple shields or any kind of body jewelry. They are looking for larger pieces of metals.
They also worry about false alarms. pentagram nipple jewelry is not the kind of items that people running metal detectors want to have happen. Can one imagine what it would be like of small items like pens or keys for change would set off alarms; or if a gold or silver necklace would trip the sirens? Setting low sensitivity is the way around all of this trouble. – Is The Leader In Design Of Non Piercing Nipple Jewelry.