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breast cancer

March 28th, 2014

Enjoy a lifestyle that is healthy for your breasts!  The alternative sucks.

From childhood to your 20’s, we develop behaviors that can last a lifetime. Why not start young, start your daughter when they are young, if you are in your 20’s, start now and if you are more mature, you can always try to make some of the changes below permanent.

Healthy Tips

Here are some healthy tips and lifestyles changes that will more your body on the right road to better health. Remember, these are not always easy and it’s better to start young. But it’s never too late to get it right

Fat In Your Diet?

Watch your fat consumption. There is much research showing a slight decrease in in intrusive breast cancer in females who engage in a low-fat diet. Vegetables and fruits and digesting very low amounts of red meats are foods known to help fight cancer.

What Is Your Body Weight?

One of the biggest concerns with breast cancer, or frankly many cancers, is body weight and hi BMI (body mass index.) The government website “Center for Disease Control and Prevention” has a great has a great online calculator where you can figure out your BMI. This number should be as low as possible. There is a strong link between breast cancer (and many cancers) and obesity due to excessive estrogen manufacture in fatty tissues.  Controlling a safe and healthy weight is probably one of the uppermost actions that can be used to combat and reduce risks for cancers and even diabetes.

What Is Your Exercise Routine?

Consistent and aerobic exercises are vital to do every day. Make it part of your life daily. 30 minutes or more everyday will reduce many risks that surround breast cancer. And it will make you feel better overall. There are many other advantages such as reducing stress and lower the chances of heart diseases.

Are You A Social Drinker Or More?

There are new studies, not all conclusive yet that indicates a link between breast cancer and breast cancer. These researchers do not know how deep or how compelling the connections might be but they have seen that limiting what and the amount you drink can have adverse effects. These include hard liquor, wine and beer.  Try to stay at one drink a day or even eliminate it completely if you have a history of breast cancer in your family.

Do you smoke?

Stop smoking now if you do! Period. Smoking tobacco has no redeeming value to the body. From breast cancer to lung, ovarian, mouth, skin and many other cancers, smoking is not good on any level. And if you again have a family history of cancer, smoking is one of the worst things a body can digest.

What does this say?

Live healthy, stay strong, eat well, drink in moderation and exercise. None of these will guarantee anyone will never get cancer, but these ideas will help cut your chances… and it worth it.