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Anklets – The Ornament That Suits Your Attire

January 15th, 2015

Anklets are traditional ornament around the ankle worn by kids, young andanklet-jewelry
old women. Anklets are an important part of women adornments today, though they have also been found in other ancient cultures like Egypt and Middle East. Anklets are not only parts of ornamentation but also have great spiritual and social significance.  Anklets are very famous all over the world, designed in beautiful carvings, embellishments, and countless styles. Anklets usually have small bells that make a very sweet noise while walking thus drawing attention to the wearer’s feet.

“Earlier it started as women symbolism as an attraction then a choice and then habit. There might be social or popular beliefs regarding wearing an anklet, but a woman always carry her own reason that could be specific enough for her to hold on to it dearly and now it has become an extension to her personality. Sometimes you could term this as fashion though sometimes it might resemble her partner’s love for her beautiful feet.”

Anklets currently come in various shapes, sizes, designs and material.  From the traditional and rather delicate silver and gold chains, they have been developed into beautiful threaded and beaded versions in wood, crystals, semi- precious stones and sea shells. Heavily carved anklets embellished with exquisite work are an all-time favorite gifts for the newlyweds. Though anklets are outlined these days with various designs ideally, an anklet needs to be at least two or three inches larger than the ankle size, so that its embellishments fall right under the ankle bone. But then, there are exceptions, depending upon the outfit or footwear. Simply, it must match with and the comfort level of the wearer.

Anklets can be chosen to suit your outfit. For a traditional look for an auspicious occasion, gold or gold plated anklets are the best. Additionally, sterling silver or silver plated are also in use though the styling can be done, again, according to the buyer’s choice.  Custom made or what is available in the market place can also be used.  Furthermore these can be inlaid with colorless stones or semiprecious stones that suits your attire which will ultimately delight you. Finally something with diamond, worn with high heels, will turn the heads of everyone.

So which anklet are you going to get for your beloved one, or for yourself? Don’t wait for any occasion because a gift which can bring a smile to her face would be much precious for you than any other thing in this world. Right?

BDSM Anklet Jewelry

October 10th, 2013

Some people have a misconception of BDSM anklet jewelry. Maybe it is a misconception of the entire BDSM lifestyle. Either way, I want to dispel some of the myths and wrong ideas floating around the internet and the real, everyday world.

This is not a pain only lifestyle. Submissive’s are rather helpless in their desires and other like the idea of controlling someone else during the play time. Knowingly letting go of the control, which is a hot button for the “subbies” and a way to have the “Dom’s” get off too? And some nipple jewelry or anklet jewelry shows others that you are a willing participant.

Societal Norm’s

Who does not want to be seduced not only physically but also mentally? I have had some my most erotic times with people that were not “Brangelina” types but ordinary or even less-than ordinary looking. These men and women rocked me mentally first. And the BDSM anklet helped them to know I was available. Society tells us we cannot be like this.

Let’s punch some holes in some of these “Societal Norm.”

It’s all about Pain, inflecting or receiving.

It really isn’t. Think about it. Those in the lifestyle that I know or have known said the pain, and usually just slight pain, is secondary. The big thing is the mental control. Now I am not a doctor so what I say here is must opinion and conjecture for talking to people. But the pain is only needed really to get the “juices flowing” more once the mental aspect is unleashed.

Remember being blindfolded as a kid when you played “Pin the tail on the donkey”? (Am I showing my age?) Your other senses were heighted. You heard better when the other kids shouted “You are cold” or “More to the left.”

Ever play “Marco, Polo” in the pool? Same thing happens here. You hear better and even smell better if someone is wearing perfume or scented sunscreen. And the BDSM ankle jewelry that is worn is a giveaway that you want that kind of fun.

People with low self-esteem are into the BDSM lifestyle.

No again. You can find people with low self-esteem anywhere. Those that are submissive are really very strong and secure in both themselves and their partners. No one would willing give up that kind of control, especially if we are tied to our bedframe at home, and not know that full trust is given to the dominate in the scenario. The dominate person is given a much cherished thing from the submissive, that being the gift of total confidence and trust.

And really, after a hard day at work, managing projects, staff, customers, the family, the kids, maybe even the neighbors, who would not like to sit back and let someone else steer the bus for a while?

These are just a few of items that are misconceptions in the BDSM lifestyle. Is this lifestyle for you? Try it sometimes. And when you like it, and you will, take a look at for a large selections of BDSM jewelry like anklets, non piercing nipple jewelry and piercing navel jewelry. The BDSM anklets are so sexy and fun with a short skirt and high heels. Or maybe just that high heels and some handcuffs!

Enjoy your life both outside and sexually. After all, it is YOUR life. – Is The Leader In Design Of Non Piercing Nipple Jewelry.