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November 16th, 2013

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When selecting accessories, careful thought usually goes into the design, size and pattern. Women will spend long periods of time holding up earrings in the mirror, sifting through their makeup for just the right shade, or combing their closet for a great outfit before an important date. When it comes to body jewelry, however, many wearers don’t realize how many options they have at their fingertips, stunting their style with plain bars, studs or rings that lack the personal touch of their other accessories.

Putting the Spark in Sparkle

In addition to embedded gems and rhinestones, some Nipple Jewelry and body jewelry designs use dangling faceted beads to embellish their basic shape. These facets seem to twinkle and sparkle as the wearer moves, and are generally so lightweight they feel no different than a piece without the same dangles attached. Whether they’re clear as diamonds or colored in beautiful jewel tones, gem body jewelry is a wonderful way to upgrade your adult jewelry collection.

Ring Their Bell 

Tiny split bells are a popular addition to dangle nipple rings and adult body jewelry. As their special shapes gently bounce off of one another, a soft, sweet chime accompanies each step of the wearer. The effect is more audible without clothes on, of course, so with a little body language, an erotic strip dance for a lover can come with its own music!

Sassy Expressions

Much like earrings or pendants, adult body jewelry like nipple rings can be used to make a statement about personality. Whether its tongue-in-cheek charms like handcuffs or belly chains and anklets that spell out your desires letter by letter or flashing these naughty jewelry designs will break the ice – and maybe a few inhibitions in the process. Already enjoying the affections of a special someone? Grown-up-rated body jewelry can also be used to celebrate a special sexual bond between you – it can be your little secret!

Conceal – or Reveal

Speaking of secrets, Nipple Jewelry can be as discreet or obvious as your desires dictate. Low-profile nipple shields and non-piercing nipple rings stay close to the skin beneath your bra, while more elaborate non-piercing nipple jewelry with dangles or 3-D effects will make a tantalizing shape beneath thin blouses or bras. Collecting a few favorite designs will give you the option to be as bold as you want to when you’re “dressing up” underneath your clothes, so don’t limit yourself to the basics.

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