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5 Easy Ways To Attract Your Boyfriend, Husband or Significant Other

April 23rd, 2014

5 Easy Ways To Attract Your Boyfriend, Husband or Significant Other

Five Ways To Make Him Happy

Girls, and that is girls of all ages, it is now time to turn up the sex appeal with our boyfriends, husband and SO. Sometimes you all three! So here is a few ways to show him you still have what he wants!

Self Confidence

Confidence can be so sexy, during the day, at night, or even the next morning! It can be sexy and racy anytime. Our men can see confidence glimmering in us, sometimes when we do not try. Show that same self-assurance with him, with your marriage, with your boyfriend or that special man (or women) that you want so to impress. When I talk about confidence, be convincing in yourself and with him.
No matter what he does, be trusting in him. Talk to him and take him for his word. Do not always be suspicious of all his moves. It is easy to say you trust him, but your actions can easily betray YOU! Others will also see that superficial trust and begin to wonder too.
Our mom’s always taught us not to talk bad about others. Your husband, boyfriend or SO also falls into that category. Do not trash him at all, even to him.
We married our man, we are exclusive with our boyfriend and SO so make sure to all others you show an upbeat attitude towards him. It will pay off in the long run. Nasty words get back to the people and then we have a lot of explaining to do. It is not worth it.
Do not get all hot and bothered if he checks out another woman. Do you sometimes check out other men, maybe at the local coffee shop, the market or maybe the bookstore? What about the pool life guard or landscapers? I do. So why should I get mad when he checks out another girl. Be confident in your own skin and what you have to offer. After all, he comes home to you doesn’t he? So quicker you think of yourself in a positive manner, the quicker you can hold your head up with confidence and again catch his eye and maybe even the eyes of others too.

Be Physical

Sexless-ness , for a long time, is not a good habit to get into. Men have a very high sex drive. Or so we are told. Some of us girls do too, and sometimes it is the older we get. I hate to say this but men can be very animalistic. They want their sex when they want it. Sometimes if we hold them off too long, they WILL begin to look for it elsewhere. They are creatures of habit. Do not let them do that. Do not use sex as a punishment or way to get back at him. And remember girls, there ways to let him have sex where we do not get that messy but they do!

Maintain The Body!

Do not get me wrong; I am not talking about becoming a gym-rat and getting down to 1% body fat. Those people scare me. What I offer here can be done at home, at night, over the weekend or at your leisure. What I am talking about is maintaining your fingernails and toenails. There is nothing grosser than dirty, unpainted fingernails or toenails, hanging skin, uneven nails and or chipped nail varnish. You do not have to go to the salon to get pedicure and/or manicure. It would be nice but not needed. Both of these you can do yourself.
If you need a suggestion, the color hot red is like a magnet to men. Wearing matching finger- and toenail paint should be the same as wearing the same bra and panties (if you wear panties!) Red is the symbol of LOVE! Show him you mean it.
Always, and I mean always, you should never have any hair below the hair on your head!

Nipple Jewelry

Not everyone wants to pierce or put holes in their bodies. But body jewelry, specifically nipple jewelry, is very sexy and very provocative. Have you given any thought to getting any body jewelry? Have you thought about using non piercing nipple jewelry? There are great options out there like
Non piercing jewelry gives the illusion of the suggestiveness of being a bad girl while still maintaining a non-pierced attachment. Piercing can cause health issues. You do not want that! What you want is to turn on your husband, boyfriend or SO and let them think you are a bad girl while you wear it but also know that you are a good girl when you need to be. Body jewelry is the rage today and has been since the Janet Jackson Super Bowl debacle. Show him that you can be that spicy, stimulating and hot wife or girlfriend he first fell for. And he will always come home to his naughty girl!

Eyes and Lips

Never walk out of the house or your apartment with some kind of lipstick or lip gloss. You should keep two of each in your purse always. Do not forget your eyeliner too along with some mascara. There will be times you need to freshen up. Your man, and other men, will be happy when they see you looking “brand new” and fresh. Sometimes you just need a touch up. All of my girlfriends tell me, and I see when we go to freshen up, the top three things needed are eyeliner, lipstick and mascara. Men are always looking at our eyes and mouth, right after that other important part. If you keep your eyes and lips looking kissable and your eyes sexy and smoky, your man will always come home to you! And every other man will notice you too, no matter what size you might be.

Finally, people are busy and live lives that cause us to be exhausted, beat and not interested in much. I get that but not being in the mood is a horrible excuse, and it does not work, for grown up boys or girls.
Trust me, this sounds terrible but again men are creatures of habit and they NEED sex, or so they think they do. If they think it, it is so. If we do not give them what they think they need, they will find it elsewhere. Do not give them a reason to see if the grass is greener. Being unselfish puts your man’s needs ahead of yours. We girls have to know and understand the boy’s needs.
There is an old saying that if mommy is happy, everyone is happy. That is not always correct. If daddy is not happy, he will find his happiness elsewhere. It is not right, and not ethical, but it happens. Make sure it is not your man! If daddy is happy, mommy can pretty much do as mommy wants!