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This is our website. My husband and I searched and searched for fun, non piercing nipple rings and body jewelry and were hard pressed to find what we wanted. So we created our own! These My Wicked Jewelry are very sexy, attractive and FUN! It is a way to spice up our play time without having to worry. Also they are only as painful as YOU want them to be!

I have worn them out often and get lots of great comments. People do not always see the bells at first but they always hear me coming when I wear them!

If you are happy with your, send us your comments. We are always interested to hear what you, our clients & friends, have to say. And we are sure others want to hear how much fun you have with them too!

Thank you in advance and let us know if we can help in any way!

You may contact us by e-mail or in writing @
PO Box 9208
Wilmington, DE 19809
United States

The charms and nipple jewelry on this site are for use by consenting adults as novelties and fashion accessories. This merchant assumes no responsibility for unsafe, improper, or illegal use of these items.

Please be safe, sane, and consensual!

World Headquarters :
2803-B Philadelphia Pike, #109
Wilmington, DE 19703
United States™ – Is The Leader In Design Of Non Piercing Nipple Jewelry.

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