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Non Piercing Body Jewelry And How Is It Worn?

June 19th, 2013

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Non Piercing Body Jewelry are types of jewelry that can quickly give you the look and feel of bring so sexy. It affords the wearing the suggestion of naughtiness while still being short-termed. The jewelry allows the wearer the ability to adjust in and out of any lifestyle with ease.

There are a number of alternatives where adding non piercing Body Jewelry to any persons collection. The jewelry can be sterling silver or base metal. The non piercing body chains can be femininely fragile or even heavier in weight. The different weights can give different sensations to the breasts.

There are many options when it comes to adding a chain to jewelry. They can be delicate and feminine, or have a heavier appearance. This creates more options, suitable for any sensation preference.

So What Are Non Piercing Body Jewelry Nipple Chains?

That’s easy, it is chains attached to the nipples and hanging between the breasts. These chains can be either non piercing nipple chains or attached to pierced jewelry. The hanging chains can give a sexy look through a sheer top or crop top. And the weight can arouse the nipples too.

The chains can add to and even heighten the appeal of sensual arousal. The look is remarkable and can tempt almost anyone that is warm blooded! Use these in the bedroom for more erotic and sensual playtime.

Never pull to hard on any body jewelry, non piercing or piercing. That can cause pain and undo discomfort. It can also make the non piercing Body Jewelry loose and fall off or shift to a position that may not be wanted. The last thing wanted is for disagreeable feelings or appearance.

Non Piercing Nipple Jewelry Makes A Great Addition

A non-robust type chain is a great way to begin wearing additional jewelry. Since the grams can be light, it can offer a nice and erotic feeling. Show off using silver, gold, silver plating, gold plating or even colored chains such as fuchsia, red, or blues.

If there is a want for a more dramatic feeling along the nipples and breasts, use a heavier chain. The added weight can give that pulling for “full” feeling of being tugged at or the pressure is added.

This also allows for continued attention to the nipples. What does that mean? It means the “headlights stay on high beam” for much longer. More and more women are showing off that fact and more men and women like to see it. And the harder nipples produce additional desire. And everyone loves more desire!

Want the more increased desire and level of attention? Add a more weighted chain to the mix. The thicker and or heavier chains can add more sensation than the more delicate chains. And that produces more pressure on the nipples to keep them at attention.

There are as many materials to use as there are chains. Plastic, steel, silver, gold all have benefits. Gold costs more and plastics, although often lighter in weight, can also be fun to play with at night or during a day time of fun.

Nipple Chains can be worn between the nipples or even wrap around the neck. Try wearing the chains attached to the nipples then circle them around the waist. When wearing a crop top, let people “wonder” where they start and end.

Make Over Erotic Jewelry With Accessories

Adding dangles or chains to your intimate jewelry can make them even more sensual. While wearing nipple rings, you can these accessories at any point. And you can always remove these as need or demanded. You don’t want to be singled out by a TSA agent!

What other accessories can you use? Add additional or multiple chains. Use different colors to give a certain look. And your partner will appreciate it.

Using odd or different length chains you can give a layered look. The smallest length should be at the top of the layer, the longest at the bottom. That way non piercing Body Jewelry will hang correctly and look great.

Anklet Jewelry

June 11th, 2013

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Anklets are back! And sexier than ever.

ANKLET. An ornament for the ankles, consisting of metal or glass spangles, worn by women. Sometimes anklets were linked together by ankle chains. Wow, biblical times even had anklets.

Anklets” are all about accessorizing. No matter what the outfit, short skirt to evening gown, jeans to shorts, and an ankle bracelet looks great with anything, even maybe tennis shoes.  Though anklets are often represented by younger girls who wear friendship ankle jewelry, designers have made anklets for all women of any age, thanks to sites like

Some people believe that wearing anklets can bring good luck. Wearing the ankle chains on left ankle can keep negative karma away, while right ones can bring wealth.  Some say the right anklets says the women is available and offering herself, especially if married. has many lifestyle anklets of all shapes and designs. Some have sterling silver letters and others are engraved sayings.

Anklets vary in material and motifs. Other any gold and silver, there are many different types like ceramic, beads, compound, alloy, stainless steel or string. All are beautiful in their own right. In a bar, night club, restaurant or out on the mall, a sexy anklet will turn heads. Ankle jewelry is a great choice for any women to make any lifestyle statement she wants to make.

Another suggestion is the layered ankle bracelet look, especially when it involves some swarovski beads and/or a leather bracelet thrown into the equation. Bright colors or sterling silver along with unusual styles and textures make for a sexy unique look.

Here are some tips when using anklets as accessories:

– Stick to wearing delicate, strappy heels, nothing chunky as you want the anklets to stand out.

– Do a maximum of two anklets on one ankle – one sterling silver and one lifestyle anklet.

– One anklet on each ankle – one anklet with an engraving and leather on the ankle to show a little naughtiness.’s sterling silver anklet charms are great gifts for others too. As you can purchase these in different sizes, you do not have to know the person’s ankle size, though a 10” anklet will fits most anyone. This jewelry is easy to buy for others as everyone, young and old, love anklets and any “bling” just above their sexist heels.  The styles offered here will impress the hard to impress or the ones that will love any gift given.

Some gives can change everything. What will your gift do? Make someone smile with a purchase from

Nipple Shields – Non piercing

June 3rd, 2013

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Body piercing dates back to the Native Americans on this continent. One pierces the skin with metals, plastics, wood or the like. Nipple Shields is just one place this can occur. The design is larger than most rings, and takes the name from body amour. Often, the main intent is as an ornament, to highlight and/or lift the nipple. This can also help with the whole breast as other parts of the body is done with other jewelry.
Nipple Shields – Non piercing

It is the idea of showing ones worth in society or tribe. The people accept it as normal or they do not. When they do not, as often in most cases the younger generation breaking out of the previous generation

Non piercing nipple shields are jewelry attached to the nipple or body where there is no pierce through the skin.  They are worn on the part of the body to stand out and look great. They make the wearer feel sexy fun!

A great novelty item, clip-on nipple shields are the new, sexy trend. No pain is involved in wearing the jewelry.

These are fun accessories that can add to your day-wear or eveningwear. Image a pair of silver, crystal encrusted non piercing nipple shields added to your sexy undergarments as you go out for a night on the town. You can even show them off, showing a peek for the excitement that might happen later!

Nipple shields (non piercing also) was made infamous during the Super Bowl XXXVIII, the “Janet Jackson’s wardrobe malfunction during the halftime show”. The market exploded after that.

Women are said they find new awareness that can be found easier when using non piercing nipple shields. From just a light sensation to a forceful flush of desire is what can be felt. What each woman will feel depends on the women and often depending on the size and sensitivity of their nipples.

Often to attach this jewelry takes just a little pressure. Imagine tiny fingers encircling the nipple. It is just enough to keep erect and can deliver an awesome show.

Whether a woman has large or long nipples, a light touch is enough and there is enough room. Some tension is all that is needed. Just a little adjustment of the tension can add exponentially the sexy sensations.

The shields often have enough room to attach and stay put easily. This makes them easy to wear for hours without any problems. The additional adjustment and add to subtract to the feeling and the why the nipples can pop from a very sheer top if going braless.

Great innovative designs! These nipple shields require no piercing at all.